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PDF Compressor ™

PDF Compressor PDF Compressor™ is an excellent solution to prepare PDF documents (the most popular digital document format) for publishing or storing. PDF Compressor from Compressor Software is the most advanced software to compress PDF files. Our advanced PDF Compressor considerably reduces file sizes of PDF files. Compressing or reducing PDF file sizes helps you to send PDF files faster, avoid size limits, take less storage space, make reduced pre-press or "trial" versions of your PDFs, and more. PDF compression ratio can be up to 100x, depending on options set (color or monochrome, image resolutions, ...). Our advanced PDF compressor also may help you to combine multiple PDF files into one compressed PDF file. Batch processsing and the use of compression profiles easily helps you to compress large amounts of different kinds of your PDF documents.
This PDF compressor can be used on a server or PCs, with/without user's interface to automate / schedule your PDF compression tasks.

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Video Compressor ™

Video Compressor Video Compressor™ is a tool that can impressively reduce sizes of video files. Nowadays video is the most popular multimedia content. Even micro digital cameras built in smartphones are able to take videos with HD resolutions. However, usually HD video has huge file size. The storage of such videos requres a lot of space. The video compression resolves this problem, as well as increasing the speed of uploading and downloading video to/from video hostings, such as Youtube. Video Compressor made by Compressor Software is not just a video compression utility, but software that can be useful for everyone. It is able to perform base video editing tasks and convert between various video file formats. So our Video Compressor is a perfect solution to prepare video files for sharing, storing, or converting video for portable devices.

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JPEG Compressor ™

JPEG Compressor JPEG Compressor™ is an utility to compress or resize JPEG (JPG) photos. Now JPEG is the most popular digital photo format, produced by each digital camera. Everyone usually takes digital photos with the highest resolution and quality. Like videos, high resolution photos take a lot of space. The need of JPEG compression is required by variety of purposes: optimize images for your website, resize photos for uploading to your social networks, reduce file size for storage your digital JPEG photos. JPEG Compressor is our first and very successful utility - the first version of our Advanced JPEG Compressor has been released in 2000. Now our JPEG Compressor being much more improved and advanced is very useful software for each digital camera user. It allows you to easily perform all of base image editing tasks, as well as compress, resize and convert to JPEG your digital images.

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Audio Compressor ™

Audio Compressor Audio Compressor™ is our software for compressing audio files and/or converting digital audio file formats in MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA and other popular audio formats. Audio Compressor is a perfect solution to prepare audio files for sharing or storing, convert video to audio. An excellent and easy-to-use MP3 compressor, and more. Our Audio Compressor has a very easy-to-use interface similar to Video Compressor.

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Custom Software Development

We can help to create custom solutions for any tasks in Image/Video/Audio/Document processing. The best Quality/Price ratio in the world.

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